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i will kinkshame until the day i die as long as kinks involve heavy and critical changes to your brain chemistry over a long duration of time

especially when those kinks involve manipulation of abuse victims

especially when those kinks involve pedophilia and rape fantasies

especially when those changes include regression into childhood

especially when your s/o is twice your age

especially when your kink’s community is full of underage littles with 25+y/o daddies

especially when the only motherfuckers who are crying about “kink shaming” are the 25+ y/o “daddies” who just want nothing more than to get their dick sucked by a legal version of a 14 year old

don’t care how much “passion” or whatever you think it is your partner has, your ‘relationship’ involves you being subservient and you shouldn’t feel good about that, especially when it lasts for years and changes the entire construct of your personality and social interaction

so fuck off with “dont kinkshame me” 

if even one person looks at these posts i’m making and they then avoid talking to a “daddy” and avoid getting reeled into this unhealthy disgusting relationship then i’ve accomplished my goal

Just wrote a looong not rly AU follow up thing abt Leli collecting cutesy colourful rubber bands around her left wrist and keeping a nug print stress ball that doubles as a phone charm for Airi and I’m just ;_____;

Airi follows Leliana around like a mabari pup and she’s the one that does all the talking and persuading in my hc. The designated public face and people person of the wardens (and companions), really.
In the prospective modern AU Leli would be the one ‘helping’ Airi order all their lunches and takeouts and buy their train tickets at the window when all else fails.


We are taking reservation of Stained glass: Saint Vitus with Organza skirt. 

Preorder : http://haenuli.storenvy.com/


Spotlight on Black x White Metamorphose


Glenfinnan viadukt by hans-jürgen2013 on Flickr.

From the air by 3window34

Morning light by 3window34

Grand Central A4 pacific . by steven.barker57 on Flickr.

CRH set - Beijing main station by std70040 on Flickr.




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The so called love triangle a male PC can have w/ Silk Fox /and/ Dawn Star is legit fucked up once you get into the story but female PCs are still closed off from romancing the latter.
What even is logic.